Getting Rid of Visibility Blocks and Blocks to Your Success – Interview with Stephanie Calahan by Gary Smith @Optechs

Clearing Roadblocks to Success Steph with Gary SmithRecently  I had the pleasure of going on the Gary Smith show and talking about how to recognize and remove blocks to your success and we specifically talked about visibility blocks.

Since his show airs in Connecticut, I asked him if we could have a recording so that you could listen in too!  The following recording is from that show.

I’d love to hear what you think and if you’d like some help with your visibility blocks, let’s talk.


03:56  Beginning of Interview

04:48  Introduction to Stephanie

05:50  What a visibility block is and why we’d want to get rid of it

07:10  Common visibility blocks

08:41  A bit about Stephanie’s background and how she found visibility blocks

12:33  How your core beliefs tie to your results

15:00  Stephanie shares how visibility blocks may be hiding in plain sight and an example of one of her blocks

23:52   How to take action and remove the roadblocks

30:05  Why alignment is important to the process

34:20  Why coaches can help you see your blind spots

38:11  Do we ever really get rid of our visibility blocks or as we remove them, do we uncover others?

41:59  Process to clear your blocks – energetic hygiene

46:50  Questions you can ask yourself to be able to move forward

50:00  Words of encouragement

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Steph Calahan



  1. says

    I listened to bits of this interview and I WILL be back to listen to the entire thing. I liked your piece about visibility blocks. Procrastination and perfectionism are certainly two that came to mind for me. Sometimes we are so close to our ‘stuff’ that it can be difficult to overcome these limiting beliefs. That’s where coaches like us come in. You did a fabulous job with this interview, Stephanie!

    • says

      Hi Tandy –
      Thanks for taking a listen. Visibility blocks can be real stinkers because they hide in other limiting beliefs and self sabotage can sneak up quite unexpectedly. Procrastination and perfectionism are both strong ones for many. You have such important work to do, though! What techniques do you use personally to clear away the “stinkin thinking” so that you can let your light shine its brightest?

  2. says

    I like your comments about reviewing the day before retiring for the night. I plan to start doing this. I’d like to invite you to take a look at my last 3 posts on my blog. You mentioned the fear of success in this podcast. That’s something I’ve struggled with for years, & I wrote about my determination to overcome it. I’ve also shared some git-r-done tools I picked up a few years back.

    Great interview. I hope it brings you more recognition.


    • says

      Hi Eric! Thanks for listening in! Love that you are working through your fear of success. That is one that many don’t know that they have and often will even argue that it is there. (I did for a while myself!) Feel free to share your posts here in a comment. I know your experiences would help my readers too.

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