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Link Lineup - One Stop Shop of Great Resources Across the Web

There is amazing content all over the web and there are complete duds. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is worth the time and what is not.  That is where my Link Lineup comes to the rescue! Each of the posts, videos and podcasts below I have personally reviewed and then share why you may want to take time to look at them.  When possible, I also link you to the creator of the work so that you … [Read more...]

Social Share Button WP Plugin to Consider for Good Performance

Social Share Button Wordpress Plugin Tutorial

Social sharing buttons that are easy to use and integrate into your site are a really great way to get your message out.  When you have good content, your community wants to share it with others! Most likely you already have social sharing buttons on your site. Do your social share plugins work as well for you as they could? The speed your site loads impacts your users and your … [Read more...]

Do You Make this Sales Page Mistake?

Sales Page Mistakes

There are a number of steps to consider in creating highly engaging, great converting sales pages. Page layout and compelling copy are a very important component to a great sales page.  I've read numerous fantastic posts on the subject. Yet, the issue I'm going to talk about today will not cover that.  I'm going to to share a process flow step that many skip and that most guides on creating … [Read more...]

Coaches: The #1 Thing You Might be Doing that is Derailing Your Clients

Are you making this coaching mistake

You probably got into coaching because you wanted to help make people's lives better. Those that go into the coaching / mentoring /self-improvement /etc. industry are people who want to make a difference. Maybe you experienced something dramatic in your life and you wanted to share the positive change with others.  Maybe you have a specialized skill that can help others.  Maybe you are like me … [Read more...]

Getting Rid of Visibility Blocks and Blocks to Your Success – Interview with Stephanie Calahan by Gary Smith @Optechs

Clearing Roadblocks to Success Steph with Gary Smith

Recently  I had the pleasure of going on the Gary Smith show and talking about how to recognize and remove blocks to your success and we specifically talked about visibility blocks. Since his show airs in Connecticut, I asked him if we could have a recording so that you could listen in too!  The following recording is from that show. I'd love to hear what you think and if you'd like some … [Read more...]

5 Steps to a Happier, More Abundant Day

Shift into Happy in 5 Quick Steps

We've all heard the phrase "what you focus on expands."  There are spiritual and scientific examples of how this is true, yet sometimes it is a challenge to stay in the frame of mind that we'd  like to be in. Today, I'm going to share a quick 5 step process you can use to instantly shift into happy. Setup - Identify Your Happiness Shifters There is one setup step to do before you can follow … [Read more...]

Content Creation, Networking, Social Media and Getting Found Online – Link Lineup

Link Lineup - One Stop Shop of Great Resources Across the Web

Finding time to sift through all of the content that is available can sometimes be a daunting task.  I feel your pain!  That is why I share my LinkLineups.  Some of the links below will take you to video and some of the links will take you to posts.  I share a bit of commentary on why you might want to take the time to look at any of it. This LinkLineup shares: Get Your Freak On! What … [Read more...]

Tricks to Eliminate Procrastination and Get That Newsletter Done

Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio with Michele Price

Every second Monday of the month I hop on the air with Michele Price on the Breakthrough Business Radio show.  I share an actionable tip that often turns into a mini coaching session.  This past Monday was one such segment. In it, I talked about what you can to do fix your procrastination and move your business forward with strength. Michele got really transparent and shared what she has … [Read more...]

How to Create a Text Block ShortCode for Content You Repeat in WordPress

Faster Blogging How to Tips

Do you have content on your blog that you repeat often?  Maybe it is your affiliate disclaimer or maybe it is your closing statement. Do you ever wish there was a fast way to add the content to your site without a bunch of cutting and pasting? There is! Today, I'll show you how. Example of a Text ShortCode A short code is a small amount of text that tells your site to perform some kind … [Read more...]