Your Business on Your Terms

Is your business everything you hoped it would be?
Does it give you the freedom you crave?
Are you thrilled with the income you are earning?
Do you love what you do every day?
Do your clients adore working with you?
Is your sales process joyous?

Boldly building a business around who you are is about honoring all of you. It’s about letting go of the stuff that does not work and building out more of what does.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Calahan, known by many as the Business Vision Catalyst.

I work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs to help them embrace their brilliance, leverage their business and boldly build a business around who they are; so that they can make a powerfully positive difference in the world, exponentially uplevel their profits and get their message out with power, ease and joy.

My community and clients are smart and ambitious. They are action takers that know they are meant to make a big impact on those they serve. I call them world changers, even though most do not see themselves that way.

They are also freedom seekers. Many came from a world of work that was not fulfilling and in many cases, toxic. They are looking for a new way. Some are struggling because the successful business they created has become a trap – keeping them tied to work they don’t want to do.

They are at the point in their business where they are moving very quickly, but they’d like to experience more growth without being in all of the details and getting caught up in bottlenecks. They have lots of ideas, but don’t have knowledge or the consistent systems to get them to their goal.

They are spending way more time in their business than they want to and they are doing things they may not want to do in the name of success and they find that they’ve lost the freedom they were seeking when they became an entrepreneur.

We all create these “rules” that we think we need to live by, but really they are our own constraints. I love helping people break their rules and dream up new ones that match who they really are.

We quickly “de-stress” their business, leverage every ounce of their brilliance and systematize their success, so that they can work less, impact more people and enjoy freedom the way they define it in business and life.

If this sounds like you, please join the community or connect with me to see how we might be able to blast your blocks and create a business built around you.

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Testimony for Stephanie Calahan by Lisa Mallis 90x90“Through Stephanie’s belief in me I began to claim and own my brilliance. I was able to get more done in the first three months of working with her than I had been able to do on my own the previous three years and I increased my fees (in some instances up 300%!) Often, she anticipated my needs before I did.” Lisa Mallis – SystemSavvy Consulting [Read more…]

Testimony for Stephanie Calahan by Marilyn O'Connor 90x90“You have just the right balance of giving me the emotional and mental space I needed to do the work and absorb the process, but also kept everything consistently moving forward. My marketing materials have never looked better … and my business processes are better every day.” Marilyn O’Connor – MAK Development [Read more…]

Testimony for Stephanie Calahan by Gabriella Caldwell Miller 90x90“Working with Stephanie and using the systems that she helped me implement has revolutionized my administrative operations. Stephanie was non-judgmental and patient throughout the entire process. My productivity has soared since working with her.” Dr. Gabriella Caldwell-Miller, PhD, LCPC – GMC Life Solutions

Testimony for Stephanie Calahan by Kevin Seymour 90x90Stephanie changed my life in one day. Through gentle, but firm inquiry she helped me realize the near-chaotic process with which I tackled every day activities. She listened, provided encouragement, prodded for understanding, and provided helpful and pertinent strategies that are still working today.” Kevin Seymour – ROE Schoolworks [Read more…]

Testimony for Stephanie Calahan by Vikki Nichols Baptiste 90x90“Not only have I grown within myself, my business has grown, because this is one of those relationships that keeps giving. She pushes me to think in ways I’d never thought of thinking and gets me analyzing myself. Steph believed in me. Steph believes in me.” Vikki Nichols-Baptiste – Could You Just and DoTERRA Essential Oils [Read more…]

Testimony for Stephanie Calahan by Lynn Worthington 90x90“Where do I start? Peace of Mind after working with Stephanie…PRICELESS! My emotional well-being has been extremely stressed over the past few months, and the experience of working with you has given me such peace of mind, and the courage to face each new day with a positive attitude.” Lynn Worthington [Read more…]