Visibility Blocks that Keep You From Having a Great Podcast

Podcasting Visibility Blocks that Keep You from Having a Great PodcastVisibility blocks keep us from fully serving our ideal clients. They keep us playing small and there are a number of them! Today, I’m diving into the world of podcasting and share why you might want to consider starting a podcast as well as exposing some blocks that may be keeping you from sharing your voice.

Podcasting is on the Rise in Popularity

Here are five reasons to consider starting a podcast:

1 – It is a fast way to establish yourself as the go-to expert / authority within the marketplace for your target audience.

2 – People only subscribe to podcasts they are interested in. Podcasting is a direct-line to the ears of people that are interested in what you are talking about. When they hear your voice, they often connect in a deeper way than when they are reading your blog.

3 – There are just over 200,000 audio podcasts in iTunes. That means that your competition is significantly less than you might think. Only a small number of them are in your target niche topics. You can dominate the podcast airwaves now, at the front end of the rush to get podcasts set up, placing your business at the forefront.

4 – There are over 1 billion smart phones in use today. Podcasting does not require “screen-time.” Smart-phones make consumption of your audio very easy for the average person, so you can be found and listened to anytime from anywhere!

5 – You have greater influence with an audio podcast because people are willing and able to give you more of their time. People often listen to podcasts as they are getting ready for their day, commuting, working out, cleaning their house, walking their dog or doing other activities.

Visibility Block: I Don’t Know What to Say

One block that keeps people from creating their own podcast is knowing what to say. However, if you blog or create any kind of content at all, you can podcast!

Start by getting a really solid idea of who your ideal customers are. Do they go to a lot of events? Do they have sales staff or are they solos? Are they business owners or other marketing people? Brick and mortar biz or Internet based? Get super clear on who they are.

Then, get super clear on what their problems are.

Once you are really clear it becomes easier to know what to talk about. You are simply talking directly to them!

You could easily start tomorrow with 5 minute marketing tips. You could share case studies. You could interview others in the marketing field that also target your same audience.

You don’t need to create new content!

My process:

  • Write an evergreen blog post. (Evergreen means that it is not time limited.)
  • Repurpose- Record post to podcast on RSS & iTunes
  • Repurpose to video
  • Syndicate to Twitter, G+ and Facebook

I chose to do short (5-10) minute casts every business day because I know my audience is short on time. However, you could produce a show that runs once a week or once a month too! There are listeners for all categories. You could produce a 15 minute, 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute show. You could create all of the content, or interview people you admire.

There are a number of different ways that you could create content for your audience. If you’d like help figuring out your content strategy, that is one of my specialty areas! Lets talk.

Visibility Block: I Can’t Stand the Sound of My Voice

The other day I was talking with a colleague on G+ about podcasting and she said:

“I don’t podcast because I can’t stand the sound of my voice. Who would want to listen to me?”

I shared with her that I struggled with visibility blocks for years. I hear you and understand! Mine went way beyond the camera or audio (I used to cover up mirrors in the house too…) That is one reason I’m so passionate about what I do now!

Here is one thing to consider:

God gave you that voice. God gave you your appearance. God doesn’t make junk!

I realize that is simplistic and maybe even a bit trite, but it helped me start using my voice more.

I used to record like a crazy woman. A 5-minute recording would take hours because I was too critical of myself. Then, a few years ago my then 9-year-old-son said “Mom, seriously, what was wrong with that one?!”

So, we played it back and I pointed out the “flaw.” He laughed and told me to lighten up (or something to that degree.) He was right! Now, unless I cough horribly (asthma can take 5-15 to recover) or the dog goes nuts barking, I do it in one take.

I still don’t like to hear my voice, but I have clients that tell me it soothes them. God working through my voice to help them.

This summer, I was at our local university picking up my son from wrestling camp and a woman stopped me as I was walking out the door. She said “are you Stephanie Calahan?” I was curious, but I confirmed that I was Stephanie. Then she goes on to tell me that she’s been listening to my podcast daily for three years! She just wanted to tell me how much she loved the information that I shared. She recognized my voice enough to take a chance asking if it was me. Wow. (Added benefit my son now thinks I’m famous – chuckle.)

The know, like, trust factor is truly amazing.

Visibility Block: I Don’t Have the Right Tools

There are professional radio show hosts and professional podcasters that do have expensive setups, but you don’t have to have that to have a great sounding podcast. There are smart-phone apps that you can use today that you can record and even edit if you want. There are also fabulous podcasting services that will take your raw recording and clean it up as well as spice it up for you. If you want to know more, let me know and I’ll happily hook you up.

Your Turn!

What is keeping you from starting a podcast? Do you have other visibility blocks that you’d like help getting rid of? Let’s have a conversation.

Ready to get started? Great! Let’s talk.

Live Fully -- Love Openly -- Laugh Often -- Leverage Your Brilliance -- Connect Authentically -- Get Your Message Out -- Serve with Impact -- Prosper Everyday

Steph Calahan



  1. says

    Thanks for this Stephanie! I am launching a new podcast next month and I’m using a few of the tips you mention here. My favorite one is repurposing! I love repurposing my blog posts for different formats. One of my favorite things to do is turn a list post into a countdown podcast (counting down the top 10) and then create an infographic of the same list!

  2. says

    Stephanie this is brilliant! I had honestly NEVER thought of doing a podcast but your information is making me evaluate it. I think I’ll be adding this in as Q2 project for 2014. Thank you!

  3. says

    Great post Stephanie. I love it… of course, since I produce podcasts for clients. I’m happy to answer any questions or help folks get started. Podcasting is only beginning to reach it’s apex. It’s going to be a fun ride!

  4. says

    Thank you so much for this post, Stephanie! I’ve been trying to do more videos, lately – but it takes quite a bit of time to get it all organised, whereas I can do an audio recording quickly and easily. And, as you say, people can listen to podcasts on the move. I love the process you’ve outlined, too, for re-purposing blog posts. I’m definitely sold!!

    • says

      Julia – So glad to see you drop by from Twitter! Thank you and I’m glad that you liked the post. When you get that podcast going, be sure to let me know so I can check it out and if you need help, be sure to let me know. It is totally possible to turn podcasting into a big overwhelming project, but it is equally possible to make it easy and enjoyable! (I choose the latter.)

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