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Link Lineup - One Stop Shop of Great Resources Across the WebThere is amazing content all over the web and there are complete duds. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is worth the time and what is not.  That is where my Link Lineup comes to the rescue!

Each of the posts, videos and podcasts below I have personally reviewed and then share why you may want to take time to look at them.  When possible, I also link you to the creator of the work so that you can connect with them directly on G+.

Get Your Message Out

Must See Content Visibility Tools Inventory

Yowza! +Kim Roach has created a massively valuable resource on the Top 100 content marketing tools.  Not only did she provide a list with awesome descriptions, but she created a downloadable PDF too. There were many on here I knew about, but a slew that I didn’t. I’ll be referencing this and applying to my content for a while!  

Read it here:
Time to read: At least 10 minutes
Benefits to implementing: You have your content everywhere!


Work at Home Success  Podcast

Had fun talking with +Leslie Truex of the Work at Home Success podcast about working from home and overcoming blocks to success.  Her show is short and sweet and targeted at getting the most out of your home-based business.  We touched on:  The critical error I made after leaving corporate america that almost cost me my life. Understanding what visibility blocks are and how to identify them in our life. Ways to leverage your knowledge, genius, content 

Listen here: 


Know How to Look Good in Front of Your Webcam!

In under 3 minutes you will get easy ideas to make sure you can look your best when you are recording anything (including hangouts) from your webcam.  My action from watching: Time for me to get blinds for my huge office windows!

Watch here:


Self Improvement

Success, Failure and Being Really Clear on What You Want

The latest edition of TrepsUnite is out.  Jeff Gargas interviews me and we discuss success and failure (mine mostly and how I learned from it), working with a coach, and being very clear on what you want.

Listen here:
Time to listen:  little under an hour


57 Ways You can be a Positive Influence Today!

Being a positive influence is not rocket science.  All it really takes is a few minutes and consideration for those around you. Bert Purdy shares 57 simple ways that you can have a positive impact on someone today. Here’s my addition to the list: Share other’s work on social media with a description of why you like it.

Read here:
Time to read:  2 minutes


How to Find Your Creative Genius

This article has a number of thought provoking gems. All of them aimed at helping you align to the brilliance inside of you, even if you don’t view yourself as a creative.  “Creating something useful and compelling is like being a gold miner. You have to sift through pounds of dirt and rock and silt just to find a speck of gold in the middle of it all. Bits and pieces of genius will find their way to you, if you give yourself permission to let the muse flow.”  

Read here:
Time to read: ~4 minutes
Benefits of Doing: Greater output of your best stuff so you can help more people.


Social Media Magic

Do You Know Who Is Interacting with Your Posts? Quick Tutorial on How to Use Ripples

We have a sharing culture here on the plus, but sometimes notifications don’t tell us everything about that sharing.  +David Frosdick shares a short video teaching you how to use Google Ripples to see how far your posts have traveled.  It’s a great way to find new people to connect with and thank those who are sharing your stuff. My only wish would be that this function would be added to the mobile apps.  

Watch here:
Time to watch: Just a smidge over 3 minutes.
Benefits of Implementing:  Stronger relationships and more connections!


A Detailed Tutorial on How to Build Relationships Online with Authenticity

Holy Cow! +Ana Hoffman has a really detailed post explaining dos and don’ts of engagement. The thing I liked the most is she filled the post with examples and follows her own advice right in the post. Props for leading by example. While most posts about connecting with “influencers” tend to ruffle my feathers, Ana shares really fantastic authentic tips including: “Bloggers who seem to be a step behind you today might be the influencers of tomorrow.”  “Catching an influencer’s attention should be more of a by-product of your long-term relationship building strategy rather than its primary goal.”  Must read no mater where you are in the “influential” scale. 

Read here:
Time to read: 15 minutes if you take the primary post in. Way longer if you follow the numerous links she shares throughout. 
Benefit of Putting Tips Into Action: Better relationships, more shares, helping others helps yourself and more. 


Technology to Run Your Business

Is Your Site Getting Fat?

+Stephan Hovnanian +Susan Finch and +MaAnna Stephenson jam packed this HOA with some great info. When was the last time you reviewed the plugins on your WP site? Did you know that every plugin can not only weigh your site down, but also potentially leave openings for hackers? Yup! It’s true. Watch or read the notes to learn more including their recommended plugins.

Watch or Read Here:
Time to watch:  Little under an hour
Time to read summary:  5 minutes
Benefits of Implementing:  A site that runs better is a site that users and search engines love.

Do you have suggestions?

What posts, videos or podcasts have you checked out this week that I should consider looking at?

Live Fully -- Love Openly -- Laugh Often -- Leverage Your Brilliance -- Connect Authentically -- Get Your Message Out -- Serve with Impact -- Prosper Everyday

Steph Calahan



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    Thanks Stephanie! A lot of your material is way above this “technophobe’s” head, but I always learn great stuff from you if I tackle it. One of the problems I have is justifying all this time I spend online to promote my business. My husband always asks me how much money or how many clients I have gotten from my efforts and I have to say, “well, none yet, but I’m increasing my reach”- he doesn’t buy it and just walks off shaking his head. Ha!

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