Concentration Upgrade: Change How You are Sitting and Upgrade Your Performance

Posture and Focus - Get a new chairA few months ago, I had a number of projects that required desk time.  At first, I was full steam ahead!  I had been so excited about what I’m creating that I was spending a lot of time at my desk.

However, that energy started to stall.

I started finding my mind wandering.

Was I losing my motivation?  Were the projects no longer important?  No.

My back felt like it was on fire!

It was time for something new.  So, I reached out to my networks and asked them what they suggested.  I received so many awesome comments that I thought I would share them here with you.

Chairs to Consider

Kenneth Vogt — I found an inexpensive kneeling style chair worked great for me. Here is an example:  I used a kneeling chair for years without any new problems. I immediately felt better to boot. 

Sandra De Freitas — I had one [kneeling chair] where I used to work and loved it. Also a big exercise ball worked great. Helped the core.

Julie Ann Turner — Herman Miller Aeron Chair – one of the top selling ergonomic office chairs of all time (I have this chair); or Steelcase Leap Chair – equally heralded as the Aeron Chair and with good reason – has won numerous design awards and is rated by the Wall Steet Journal as Best Desk Chair – hope that helps!

Janet Gorman Schiesl — The Aeron chair from Herman Miller. It’s expensive but top of the line.

Alys Milner — I second Janet. I’ve had an Aeron for 7 years. It’s as good as it was new, adjustable on many levels, cool to sit on, etc. I have chronic neck and back pain from old injuries. You won’t regret buying one of these chairs.

Jackie Marciacq Wakin — Ergohuman makes great ergonomic chairs! Also, check out a Relax The Back store if there’s one in your area. I just bought 2 really nice ones at Costco! I personally, prefer to sit on the chair before I buy it so buying a chair on line would not work for me! Good luck!

Clare Kumar — Love the Global Tritek chair – custom seat pans and backs.

 Alternative Options

Amethyst Wyldfyre — I went through this with my own back – I have now come to the solution of having MULTIPLE elevations for working – sometimes I sit cross legged on the floor with my computer/laptop keyboard on a low table – sometimes I sit at the desk, sometimes I stand at high table or sit in a bar stool type chair and most often I am stretched out on my chaise lounge with my laptop on a lap desk. I move locations frequently to give my body a break.  Plus I used a big exercise ball too at one point and I suggest that you go and do a REGULAR yoga class – like 2-3 times a week – I do a daily practice.  Start delegating more of what you are doing on the computer too – that may give your body a nice break!

Also if you are on the phone – get up and walk around – I have a headset and a phone that clips to my pants – so unless I HAVE to be sitting to type (like right now) I try to be moving or on the floor cross legged when I’m on the phone with clients or colleagues I take calls outside in the summer.

Last suggestion – step away from the computer – go into a sacred space – enter into a dialog with your back and body and ask for the MESSAGE that it wants to send to you – sometimes these things are rooted in a spiritual message/lesson that is wanting attention – I had a “Claw of Pain” on my sacrum for a while – she left when I listened to what she had to say

Kenneth Vogt — Set a timer to get up out of your chair every hour. Do not ignore the timer either.

My Choice

I have decided to use alternate work spaces throughout the day.  I have converted one of my desks into a standing desk, sit on my office chair other times, sit on an exercise ball too and even sit “crisscross applesauce” (as my son used to say) on the floor.  I’ve found that by moving around throughout my day I no longer have the back pain.  I have been doing this technique for about 4 months and it is working well for me.

What do you do?


  1. says

    Thankfully, my chair/desk combination at my home office is AMAZING. I can work all day with no pain.

    But the desk/chair combo at the tax office… Low back pain. I actually thought something was wrong with my kidneys! Turns out, it’s the combo of the desk and the chair. There was nothing I could do about the desk but I did just change the chair. My dad was crazy about all 4 chairs in the front matching. BUT he had no complaints if I sat on it sideways.

    Also take a look at the floor mat UNDER your chair. Sometimes it can compress and force your chair into a position as it relates to your desk. And sometimes that is the exact WRONG position.

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